Stick Shift Driver Training

A Subsidiary of Just Driver Training

Internationally Experienced Instructors

Graham - World Class Instructor with international experience. 

Graham is a qualified, certified driver training instructor and holds a Class A CDL with full endorsements.  He has over 40 years of experience instructing drivers on manual transmission vehicles from high performance brands to commercial vehicles. Graham has worked with three of America's largest commercial trucking companies, training, mentoring and implementing safe stick shift driving techniques. 

He has prepared numerous individuals from UPS, nationally to take tests on the straight shift trucks. He teaches a very user-friendly method of stick shift driving which is easily integrated into driving any high performance vehicle, standard stick shifts, stick shift 4WD's, vans, and box trucks.


Melody - Internationally experienced Specialist Driver Trainer.

Melody is a qualified, certified instructor, specializing in stick shift driver training. Utilizing international driver training methods,  she teaches special techniques to prevent the vehicle from rolling back on inclines. Melody introduces smooth gear changing techniques and safety when driving a stick shift vehicle.



All of our instructors complete an extensive pre-employment interview prior to being accepted into our training program. We strive to employ individuals of good character, sound judgment, direction of purpose with the ability to impart knowledge, understand the driver’s ability to internalize the information and work well within the training standards of our school. For available careers with us, submit a resume to Human Resources.

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