Stick Shift Driver Training

A Subsidiary of Just Driver Training

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The course takes two and a half hours behind the wheel and we guarantee  you will be driving a stick shift smoothly and effectively within this time frame.  This is an area of our expertise with more than 40 years of successful stick shift training. The course covers manual transmissions, clutch control, downshifting, gear assisted braking,  gas saving techniques, cornering, backing, parking, lane changing and much more.

Additional lessons can be scheduled for more advanced driving or higher levels of proficiency,  if needed.

We are known for:- 

  • Award-winning service
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Unique training methods
  • Smooth shifting
  • Effective vehicle control

For Everyone:

  • We provide the training vehicle which is fully dual controlled.
  • Our instructor will meet you at  one of our training centers or a mutually agreed upon meeting place.
  • Stick Shift Competency Certificates are issued at the end of the successfully completed 2 hour session.
  • Our course is offered to licensed drivers, and can be specially adapted if you want to use your own vehicle.

For Out of State Travelers:

  • Travel packages are affordable and a day trip or one-night stop over is sufficient time to attend our course.  Contact our office for more information on our travel packages and course schedules.

  • Training is offered Mondays through Saturdays by appointment only.  When coordinating a flight and training - please contact us first to secure your training date.

For Box Truck/Delivery Training:

  • Drivers utilizing box truck stick shift vehicles are instructed on the correct methods of shifting and controlling the vehicle while learning the configuration of the gear shift.

For Valet Training (Also available to corporate groups):

  • We teach a systematic protocol that translates easily to any stick shift vehicle regardless of age, size, or brand, including the paddle-style transmission systems. We will ensure that you are off on the right foot for your valet profession!

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